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PathFinder2D - classical planning software 
PathFinder2D is an open-source c++ experiment in various 2D shortest-path algorithms and techniques, including A* Heap, Integer, No Closed A* Heap, Integer, A* Heap, A* Complete, A* Linked-list, A* Array, Dijkstra, Breadth-First Search and DFS.

PL-PLAN, an AI planner 
PL-PLAN is a Java open-source AI planner. It proposes many algorithms for classical states-space exploration, including the Graphplan algorithm, and six other algorithms based on partial-order theory.

Simple Hierarchical Ordered Planner 
This is the home page for the SHOP, JSHOP, SHOP2, and JSHOP2. This planner use domain specific information to prune search paths.

The Graphplan Planner 
Graphplan is a general-purpose planner for STRIPS-style domains, based on ideas used in graph algorithms.

The TLPLAN AI planner 
TLPlan is a planning system that utilizes domain specific search control information to control simple forward chaining search.

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