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ActiveMath: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Mat 
ActiveMath is an web-based intelligent tutoring systems for mathematics.It presents user-adapted documents presented from a semantically encoded source and offers exercise sessions within remotely connected mathematical systems.

Carnegie Learning, Inc. 
Carnegie Learning is a leading publisher of middle school and high school math curricula. Its programs provide intelligent software tutoring for each student, combined with text and teacher-led classroom instruction.

CIRCSIM-Tutor Intelligent Tutoring System Project 
The CIRCSIM-Tutor is a language-based intelligent tutoring system for first-year medical students to learn about the reflex control of blood pressure. Students solve small problems and are tutored by Socratic dialog with the computer.

Project LISTEN: A ReadingTutor that Listen 
Project LISTEN is an inter-disciplinary research project at Carnegie Mellon University to develop a novel tool to improve literacy -- an automated Reading Tutor that displays stories on a computer screen, and listens to children read aloud.

Slide Tutor and Report Tutor 
The SlideTutor Laboratory at University of Pittsburgh develops and investigates medical intelligent tutoring systems (ITS).

The Andes Physics Tutor 
Andes is an intelligent homework helper for physics, developped by University of Pittsburgh and the United States Naval Academy.

The ICICLE Project 
ICICLE is an intelligent tutoring system under development at the University of Delaware. The primary goal of ICICLE is to employ natural language processing and generation to tutor deaf students on their written english.

The METUTOR project 
METUTOR is a tutoring environment for teaching of procedural skills. It uses planning methods from artificial intelligence to infer what a student is doing, and tutors intelligently when the students diverges from the correct plan.

Welcome to AutoTutor 
AutoTutor is an artificially intelligent web-based computer tutor. AutoTutor teaches physics by engaging in a naturalistic conversation with the student.

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