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List of pattern mining researchers

This webpage provides a list of pattern mining researchers. The requirements to be on this list is to have published several high quality papers in that field. The list if created by contributors of the Wiki. Note that some researchers are inactive in recent years but are on this list due to their past contributions. Also, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list so many people are not there.

Name Country Webpage Interest e-mail
Philippe Fournier-VigerChinahttp://www.phiippe-fournier-viger.comitemset mining, sequential pattern mining, graph mining, episode mining, sequential rule miningphilfv8 AT yahoo DOT com
Jerry Chun-Wei LinNorway
Wensheng GanChina
Tin Truong ChiVietnam
Bay VoVietnam
Unil YunSouth Korea
Vincent S. TsengTaiwan
Bac LeVietnam
Jun-Feng QuChina
Cheng-Wei WuTaiwan
Tzung-Pei HongTaiwan
Youxi WuChina
Wei SongChina
Rage Uday KiranJapan
Jian Pei
Jiawei Han
Carson LeungCanada
Raymond Wong
Yun Sing KohNew Zealand
Bart Goethal
Franz CoenenUK
Osmar ZaianeCanada
Panida SongramThailand
Lizhen WangChina
Farid NouiouaAlgeria
Chongsheng ZhangChina
Dang Nguyen Australia
P. Krishna Reddy India
Anirban Mondal India
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