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Decision Trees 
Decision Trees, tutorial Slides by Andrew Moore

Machine Learning Laboratory 
ITI (Incremental Tree Inducer) is a program that constructs decision trees automatically from labeled examples. It includes both the ITI and DMTI (Direct Metric Tree Induction> algorithms.

Monte Carlo, Decision Tree, Statistical Analysis A 
The Lumenaut Decision Tree package provides a range of tools that enable the user to easily and quickly build decision tree models for many real life situations natively in Excel.

Salford Systems 
CART? is a robust, easy-to-use decision tree tool that automatically sifts large, complex databases, searching for and isolating significant patterns and relationships.

SGI - MLC++: Tree Visualizer 
The MLC++ decision-trees can be viewed using SGI's MineSet Tree Visualizer. The Tree Visualizer allows one to navigate (fly) through the tree, zoom in on interesting nodes, click on bars to get counts, and mark interesting places in the tree.

The Vanguard Decision Tree Software 
Vanguard is an integrated application for building models that aid in decision-making. In addition to decision tree analysis, Vanguard supports: Monte Carlo simulation, Forecasting, Markov simulation, Linear and Integer Program Optimization.

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