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WellSaidLabs is an AI text-to-speech conversion platform that offers services to individuals, small teams, and large enterprises.
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Last Updated On January 19, 2024
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WellSaid, also known as WellSaid Labs, is an AI-powered solution for converting text to speech. The platform eliminates the need for professional experience in creating voiceovers for all kinds of content.

WellSaid uses AI tools and features to convert text input into life-like AI voices based on the voices of real people or that of your own. WellSaid also supports collaboration and sharing features for teams of all sizes.

πŸ’‘ Notable Features

What sets WellSaidLabs apart?

πŸ—£ Lifelike AI Voice

WellSaid uses a powerful AI voice generator to turn text into a voiceover that sounds as natural as a human’s. This voiceover incorporates tone, punctuation, emphasis, emotions, and other subtle nuances that characterize a human speaker. The AI voice generator, however, doesn’t force its choices on you. Instead, it relies on you to dictate the parameters of the voiceover and it then adds the effects.

πŸš€ Speed

WellSaid is one of the fastest text-to-speech platforms in the industry. First, it needs only your scripts and your inputs to get to work. But let’s get real here. WellSaid is famous for generating voiceovers at ten times the speed of an expert or a team of voiceover experts. This property of WellSaid removes the need for hiring more human hands voices to speed up voiceover creation.

🌐Wide range of AI voices

WellSaid can render text into voiceovers in numerous languages and dialects. It can also produce content with male and female voices in many accents. If, for instance, you want your English voiceovers to sound more like someone from, say, Australi, or Mexico, you can achieve that with WellSaid’s voice engine. The style of delivery is also a varied menu. Whether it’s a conversational tone or a narrative one, you will find what you need.

🀝 Collaboration

For collaboration, WellSaid is game. Its collaboration features allow you to, in their words, β€œbring everyone in your team to tell a story with one voice or many.” Hence, you can assign project parts to members of your team and ensure that everyone is carried along with what the others are doing. Team members can make edits, get feedback, use custom voiceovers or the inbuilt ones, and the changes will reflect in real time for everyone to see.

🏒 Enterprise features

For bigger establishments with more demanding needs and challenges, WellSaid has an enterprise plan with more advanced features and capabilities in critical areas like security, scalability, administration, and bulk project execution. This allows enterprises that use WellSaid to tackle voiceover projects of any size and manage the process effectively while meeting international standards of security and compliance requirement

⭐ User Reviews

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πŸ“„ Details Table

WellSaidLabs info, in a nutshell
ReleaseJan 1, 2018
FounderMatt Hocking, Michael Petrochuk
Headquarters Location Seattle, Washington, United States
Popularity3,600 Monthly visitors
Main FeatureText-to-speech AI
Best ForContent creators, etc.
Pricing$49 monthly for the maker plan and $99 monthly for the creative plan.
SupportBlog, Help center and Email
API For DevelopersYes

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

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