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Voice-over problems solved! Choose the voice of your dreams from a global pool, refined by skilled. Everything online with voicebooking in a matter of seconds.
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Last Updated On December 30, 2023
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Your one-stop shop for all voice over requirements is voicebooking. They can assist you in finding the ideal voice for your project because they have a vast database of talent in numerous languages. They also include scriptwriting, sound design, and audio editing. They can also arrange for remote production if that is what you need.

💡 Notable Features

What sets Voicebooking apart?

🗣️ Voice Over Casting

It might be a hassle to find the ideal voice actor, but not with Voicebooking! Their casting director handles everything online, and they have access to hundreds of talented performers, including singers and deep-voiced actors. They will make the procedure easy if you just let them know what you need!

🎧 Audio Post Production

Bad sound quality? They got you! Their sound engineers are mixing masters who can make any speech sound like a work of art. In just one hour, you can get a quote, pick whether the work is done remotely or in the studio, and get a finished product that is perfect.

🤝 Podcast Services

Discover Your Voice, you can pick and choose what you need from the podcasting options. You can record in their studio, rent gear, or just get professional cutting and mixing of your audio. They’ll even help you get your masterpiece out there for everyone on all the major sites.

🎤 Translation Services

Need a voice-over version that doesn’t get lost? They got you! Their professional translators are experts at picking up on casual tones and can give you professional results quickly and easily. With fixed rates and online service, the process is easy and doesn’t cause any stress. Now find your perfect voice.

🤖 AI Voice Generator

Having trouble with the timing and impact of your voiceover? Check out Voicebooking artificial intelligence voice generator! All you need to do is simply copy and paste your script, select a voice, and listen. If it sound perfect you can use it anywhere. Give it a try for their free version.

⭐ User Reviews

What do people think about Voicebooking?

📄 Details Table

Voicebooking info, in a nutshell
FounderJente Kater
Headquarters LocationAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
Popularity125.6k per month
Available Languages80+ Languages
Main FeatureVoice over casting, Audio production
Best ForStudents, Business owners, Content creators, etc.
SupportEmail, Phone
API For DevelopersNo

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Voicebooking related questions, answered

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