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Vidnoz makes video creation a breeze with AI tools, templates, and other resources that significantly reduce the time and brainstorming needed to create engaging videos
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Last Updated On December 27, 2023
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Vidnoz is among an already expansive but still growing list of AI platforms for making short videos that can be used for content marketing and social media marketing purposes. The platform has three segments: Vidnoz AI, Vidnoz Flex, and Vidnoz Face Swap. Vidnoz AI is the segment that contains all the AI  tools for generating videos from scratch. Vidnoz Flex is a powerful mobile extension for screen recording and video recording. With Vidnoz Flex, you can edit your videos, share them to your favorite channels, and track their performance with analytics tools. Vidnoz Face Swap allows you to switch between different faces in your videos.

💡 Notable Features

What sets Vidnoz apart?

🤺 AI avatars

With AI avatars, Vidnoz saves you time that would otherwise have been spent creating characters for your videos. These avatars are built to look like real humans, and they can narrate your entire presentation almost as a human narrator would, thanks to their auto lip-sync capability. You can even create an avatar of yourself and customize it to fit your style as closely as possible

📽 Video templates

Vidnoz’s repository of video creation tools and software tricks also houses an impressive collection of over 300 video templates. These templates cover various video categories such as breaking news, quick app intro, science learning, self-introduction, etc. One notable feature of these templates is that they work well for portrait and landscape modes.

🔊 AI voice

AI voice cloning is a special AI trick in Vidnoz that allows you to turn any human voice into an AI equivalent without losing the nuances of the original voice. There is a library of AI voices that closely mimic those of famous people such as tech innovators, presidents, and other influential guys. When cloning voices to their AI equivalent, Vidnoz lets you add emotions and adjust the speech rate.

🙎‍♀️ Custom AI avatar

You might not want to go through the stress of speaking in every video where you are the host. In that case, Vidnoz’s custom AI avatar is the next best option. This feature works by converting a portrait of yourself into your AI avatar that can substitute for you in your presentations. For instance, when delivering an online lesson, you can have your AI avatar do all the talking instead of you.

📃📽 Text to video

Text-to-video has become a staple of nearly every AI video generator, and Vidnoz is no exception. The text-to-video converter was launched recently and does exactly what it says. It’s as simple as inputting the text for your video and selecting the video elements, such as background music and voiceovers. Once that’s done, click Generate video, and Vidnoz will handle the rest behind the scenes.

📃🗣 Text to speech

 Text-to-speech is another of Vidnoz’s AI-powered features that eliminates the need to hire voiceover experts. Vidnoz’s text-to-speech supports over 140 languages aside from English and has a selection of several voices you can choose from for the speech output.

⭐ User Reviews

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📄 Details Table

Vidnoz info, in a nutshell
ReleaseFebruary 9, 2023
Headquarters LocationLos Angeles
Popularity3,800+ monthly visitors
Employees51-200 employees
Main FeatureVideo creation
Best ForContent creators, etc.
Available languages140+
AI templates300+
PricingFrom $30/month for Vidnoz AI, from $20/month for Vidnoz Flex plan
SupportUser guide, email
API For DevelopersNo

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