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Squibler is a powerful AI-based tool that serves creative writers in various ways, from idea generation to project management and collaboration.
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Last Updated On December 15, 2023
Feedback From Zoya, a robust, feature-packed AI platform, is a web-based workspace for book writers and other authors in creative fields. The software contains several AI tools and templates that help writers generate ideas and narrative elements, expand on their drafts, organize their work, and collaborate, among other things. Squibler is one of the most popular writing assistants for long-form content that book writers, screenwriters, songwriters, and other creatives rely on. In addition to the tools and templates it features, it has an expansive library of valuable tips and strategies to become a better writer.

💡 Notable Features

What sets Squibler apart?

🎞️ Plot Generator’s plot generator is a feature that comes into play when you are fumbling for the opening line of your story or when you need to compose the virtual world of your story and are at a loss for the characters, settings, conflicts, and other elements of your story. The plot generator has two key aspects: the storyline generator and the random plot generator. The former suggests an opening line from where you can continue the story, while the latter formulates a potential story plot you can follow or tweak to your preference.

📃 AI Script Writer

Squibler’s AI Script Writer was designed to enhance the user’s creativity, and it takes into account the various challenges that affect script writers and screenwriters. With the AI scriptwriter, you can develop the plot of your story and speed up your character creation process. The AI script writer also has tracking and collaboration features so that you can monitor the quality of the scripts you are producing and even share them with others and get valuable insights and feedback.

📰 AI Story Generator

The AI story generator does what it promises: to help you generate stories. If you’d like extra assistance in creating your stories, the AI story generator ensures you don’t have to build your story from scratch. When the story is generated around the topic you supplied, you can edit it, expand on it, add chapters, and refine it in other ways until the end result is pleasing to you.

📃 AI Script Generator

The AI Script Generator works similarly to the AI Script Writer. The difference is that the script writer only creates a scene by expanding on the text you have written, whereas the script generator can write a complete script from scratch and develop on any context you have provided. The script generator only needs the title of your script and the template (whether comedy or thriller or otherwise), and it whips up a full-blown script that you can then edit and refine to your taste.

📗 AI Novel Writer

Squibler is not only for writing scripts and plots. It also doubles as a novel writer and a book writer simultaneously. Of course, it won’t write a 50,000-word book for you, but it provides many tools essential to the writing process. For instance, you have about three templates for novels: non-fiction, romance novel, and historical novel. The book writer gives you the same number of templates: general fiction, short story, and thesis. You can then work with the AI smart writer, which will be discussed next.

📱AI Smart Writer

Although this is coming last, the AI smart writer forms the backbone of any writing assistance Squibler gives you. The AI smart writer generates content from scratch or continues from what you’ve already written. The AI smart writer has about seven options you can work with: visualise, write, expand, describe, rewrite, generate scene, and ask me anything. You can use the Ask Me Anything to ask questions about your project. 

⭐ User Reviews

What do people think about Squibler?

📄 Details Table

Squibler info, in a nutshell
ReleaseJan 8, 2020
FounderDhaval Bhatt, Josh Fechter and Joshua Fechter
Headquarters LocationSan Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US
Popularity300k+ monthly visitors
Main FeatureCreative writing
Available Languages95+
AI Templates7+
Best ForWriters
PricingFree plan, $20 monthly for premium plan
SupportEmail, phone
API For DevelopersNo

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

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