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Sassbook is one of the most effective platforms that help professional content writers and students into creative writing.
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Last Updated On November 27, 2023
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Sassbook is a practical platform that helps professional writers and students with creative content creation. It offers to create summaries, headlines, paraphrase long texts as well as instantly generating articles, blogs, essays and stories. It was founded by an Indian tech specialist Sarat Venugopal in February 2020.

💡 Notable Features

What sets Sassbook apart?

📝 Unique Article Generation

This uses artificial intelligence to help make your content even better and it saves a lot of time too. As such, businesses can hugely benefit from the advantages offered by it since they would be able to come up with human-like content while at the same time reducing costs accrued from hiring writers. Good also for correcting any kind of spell or grammatical mistake and generating any kind of unique essay, blog post or an article.

📖 Creative Story Writing

This is one of the best tools for any writer as well as a storyteller out there. It comes up with great stories that are to captivate or enlighten whoever gets to read the same. This could be in the realm of fantasy or even mystery and so forth. The tool also saves one an awful lot of time in the development of plots as well as storylines.

📑 Instant AI Summarizer

It shortens long texts for easier understanding. This tool summarizes key points from multiple documents in just a matter of seconds. AI summary generator in Sassbook may condense market research findings for use in strategic decisions. It helps during research, where document analysis can be done more swiftly yet exhaustively.

🔄 Content Paraphrasing Tool

This selects and rephrases the content from the source material making it easier for readers’ comprehension. The result to this is that what comes out as content is unique in its own ways to the original text but still fully represents the intended meaning.

🔥 Catchy Headline Generator

Sassbook’s AI headline generator is one of the great AI-powered headline generator tools that will make effective and genuine headlines for articles, blogs, to all sorts of social media content. It helps businesses speeden up the content development process by thinking everything for it, coming with instant ideas for titles that are definitely attention-grabbing and eye-catching as well.

⭐ User Reviews

What do people think about Sassbook?

📄 Details Table

Sassbook info, in a nutshell
ReleaseFebruary, 2020
FounderSarat Venugopal
Headquarters LocationCentral Region, Singapore
Main FeatureAI content generation and optimization
PricingFrom $0/month to $59/month
Best ForProfessional writers, marketers
Available LanguagesEnglish only
AI Templates5+
API For DevelopersYes

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

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