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ParagraphAI is a ChatGPT-3 based writing assistant for generating and editing a wide range of content to suit different purposes and styles.
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Last Updated On December 10, 2023
Feedback From Dave

ParagraphAI is a web-based application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate text for several types of content. A standout feature of the software is the ability to instantly generate and reply to emails, messages, and comments in any text field with the mobile extension.Β With its mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can use ParagraphAI to compose entire articles that integrate the tones and styles of your choosing.

The writing assistant also has its own keyboard, which you can use as a replacement for your existing phone keyboard. The Paragraph AI writer isΒ  Canadian-based and sells itself as a ChatGPT-based alternative to the numerous AI writing assistants out there.

πŸ’‘ Notable Features

What sets ParagraphAI apart?

⌨️ ParagraphAI Keyboard

The keyboard is set by default to display three core functions: edit, analyze, and create. The first two functions are for tweaking already written content. The last option, create (which takes you to the app), is for generating entire lines of text from scratch once you provide the prompts.

🈸️ Mobile apps for iOS and Android

The apps for iOS and Android allow you to generate and tweak your content on the fly. If you use the app, you can choose the writing tone you want your write-up to reflect as the AI generates it. So your writing, depending on your prompt, can be formal/informal, friendly/assertive, pessimistic/optimistic.

πŸ”ŒMobile Extension

ParagraphAI has a mobile extension that when enabled, pops up anywhere you have a text field. The widget has three options for your writing needs: write, reply, and improve. The writing tool generates content based on your prompts, the reply tool composes a response to your messages, and the improver tool refines your write-up for grammatical and tone accuracy.

✍️ AI Editor

ParagraphAI’s editor actually does what it says on the tin. The AI editor is useful for adjusting the level of formality of your content. With the AI editor, you can make your work sound more casual, business-like, or professional. You can also use the editor to iron out the grammatical flaws in your article, blog post, or creative piece, et cetera.

πŸ” Plagiarism Detector

ParagraphAI’s plagiarism detector automatically scans your text as it is being generated for any trace of plagiarism. Leveraging the extensive database the algorithm is trained on, it can instantly detect and correct any trace of duplication of already existing content before it ever surfaces in your writing.

γŠ—οΈ Multi-lingual support

ParagraphAI is skilled not only in English, but in eleven other languages as well. The other languages are Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese (simplified), German, Portuguese, Arabic, Urdu, Filipino, Hindi, and Urdu.

⭐ User Reviews

What do people think about ParagraphAI?

πŸ“„ Details Table

ParagraphAI info, in a nutshell
Release March 4, 2022
FounderShail Silver
Headquarters LocationOntario, Canada
Main FeatureShort-form content creation
PricingStudent plan: $9.99 monthly, professional plan: $12.49 monthly, team plan: negotiable
Best ForLight use cases like generating paragraphs and composing replies to messages
Available languagesEnglish, Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese (simplified), German, Portuguese, Arabic, Urdu, Filipino, Hindi, and Urdu.
AI Templates3+
SupportResource center, tutorials, community, email
API for developersNo

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

ParagraphAI related questions, answered

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