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Last Updated On November 23, 2023
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Koala AI is an AI software that generates articles with the help of generative AI. A great tool which generates well-structured and keyword-optimised articles by just entering your desired keyword prompt. These prompts can be further divided into articles, blogs, product reviews or even captive descriptions. With AI-enabled tools like Image and custom audio generators Koala Al is indeed a fully automated assistance for your content business.

πŸ’‘ Notable Features

What sets Koala AI apart?

🦾 Koala AI Writer

AI Writer is an advanced article-writing tool, enhanced with Koala AI’s deep learning process to make it the ultimate tool for generating fast and efficient content with just a click. There are certain custom attributes you can give to the tool to make the most perfect content for the right audience.

πŸ€– Koala AI ChatBot

Koala AI chatbot is well used as a conversational tool, similar to other chatbots but boosted to deliver comprehensive and precise data from a real-time database. Helping users to generate updated and optimised content with the support of ChatGPT 3.5, ChatGPT 4 turbo and Claude!

πŸ“Š SEO-Focused Content

Researching for search-based keywords that relate to user’s prompts is automatic in Koala AI. Analysis of ranking keywords from SERP and including those keywords and entities while generating your content is the best feature in Koala AI which makes the content ranking higher on the search engine.

πŸ•°οΈ Real-Time Data

Unlike other AI platforms, Koala AI delivers all types of information from sources that are collected in real-time results. So your content will have the latest and trending search items. Real-time response makes your content up-to-date and the given information will be more accurate.

πŸ“‹ Easy Amazon Affiliate Articles

Create Product articles about the products sold on Amazon. These are very easy to generate and the AI inserts the context of the product by scanning the product data and product reviews from live Amazon data so that the articles generated are reliable and trustworthy.

πŸ”ˆ On-Brand Voice

Users can choose from seven writing styles and four POVs for the human touch. From the membership plan users can access custom voice tones that can give a brand individuality and identity.

⭐ User Reviews

What do people think about Koala AI?

πŸ“„ Details Table

Koala AI info, in a nutshell

ReleaseMarch 2023
FounderConnor Smith
Headquarters LocationGainesville, USA
Employees2-10 employees
Main FeatureAI Article generating for any form
Best ForPublishers, SEO professionals, and Social Media Marketers
API For Developershttps://koala.sh/pages/api-docs

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

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