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Calling all marketers and businesses! This is your golden ticket to top-notch content. Whether it's killer blog posts, captivating social media captions, catchy titles, compelling slogans, or irresistible product descriptions – this is the secret ingredient for audience engagement.
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Last Updated On December 13, 2023
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Hypotenuse uses AI for writing content such as content description, blog articles and advertising captions. Simply provide a few keywords, and observe as Hypotenuse seamlessly transform them into engaging and detailed articles and marketing content.

💡 Notable Features

What sets Hypotenuse AI apart?

↔️ Paraphrasing tool

The paraphrasing tool ensures that your content meets your project requirements by rewriting it with your standards and brand tone.
It simplifies complex language and improves the readability of the content and, guess what, it has a 7-day free trial which allows you to experience the beauty of the tool and make an informed decision.



🎨 AI Image Generator

AI Image Generator creates unique and personalized images based on your descriptions. Just imagine the image, put it into words, and prepare to be mesmerized by the outcome. Save time that would be spent creating graphics, designing pictures, and searching the web for that perfect image.

✂️ Summarizing Tool

Don’t let your audience wander away after encountering a lengthy article. You might miss a potential client because of this. Why not allow the summarizing tool to help you stay relevant by summarizing paragraphs, articles, documents, and videos? This tool ensures conciseness, keeping your audience’s attention focused on relevant and targeted information.

🕵️‍♀️ Content Detective

Imagine having your personal research assistant right at your fingertips! That’s exactly what Content Detective offers. Need to nail those crucial talking points for your blog? This tool works in real time, helping you craft accurate content that’s spot on. It’s your ticket to factual information assurance, slashing research time, and delivering the freshest data right when you need it.



🗎 HypoDoc

With HypoDoc by your side, all you need to do is upload your document and witness the AI tool reading the entire document, ready to answer any questions you might have from it. Moreover, it can craft a social media post based on the document, highlighting its key points.

🤖 Bulk Content Generator

Feeling overwhelmed by creating content one piece at a time? Well, your days of strenuous workload are over! The Bulk Content Generator is here to offer relief. It helps you write great content quickly and easily, eliminating the need for hours of research and coming up with catchy ideas.

⭐ User Reviews

What do people think about Hypotenuse AI?

📄 Details Table

Hypotenuse AI info, in a nutshell
FounderJoshua Wong
Headquarters LocationMountain View, US
Popularity 463,200 Monthly visitors
Main FeatureAI-powered writing assistant and text generator
PricingFrom $24/month individual plan and $49/month team plan
SupportBloggers, writers, marketers, copywriters, entrepreneurs and content marketers

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Hypotenuse AI related questions, answered

🎁 Free Trial & Coupon

Why pay Hypotenuse AI full price, if you can get some for free?
Free Trial Information
Forever Free Plan
Free Trial✅ (50, 000 words for individual/120,000 words for teams-7 days free trial)
Oh no! That's a bummer :(
At this moment, Hypotenuse AI is not offering any promotion or discount code. However, we may help you out. Subscribe to the form below and, if they will release a promo code, you will be the first one to know. 😉

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