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Shy around the camera? Not a screenplay? Not a problem! Your ideas come to life in a matter of minutes with HeyGen's AI voices and avatars. Simply select your star, pen your tale, and see the magic of your video come to life. With Hollywood right in your pocket, you can share your light with the world.
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Last Updated On January 24, 2024
Feedback From Mason

Forget about editing difficulties and camera shy jitters! HeyGen is your one-stop shop for using AI magic to create beautiful videos. Select from a wide range of pre-made avatars or create a unique character of your own. Use lip-syncing magic to bring images to life, or have AI voices tell your tale with engrossing accents. Do you need to translate between other languages? HeyGen handles that as well, maintaining a familiar voice and a clear message. It’s like having your very own Hollywood studio in your pocket, ready to transform your concepts into captivating, emotionally charged videos. So throw off the constraints, let your imagination run wild, and let HeyGen assist you in bringing your story to life, one engrossing frame at a time.

πŸ’‘ Notable Features

What sets HeyGen apart?

πŸ§” Instant Avatar

Casting calls don’t require you to stand in line! With HeyGen’s extensive collection of more than 100 AI-powered avatars, you can quickly add them to your videos. Imagine pleasant explainer robots, captivating presenters, or even famous historical peopleβ€”the options are unlimited!

πŸŽ™οΈ Studio Avatar

Are you in the mood to create? Create your own unique avatar with HeyGen’s user-friendly Studio. To realize your vision, pick from a variety of facial characteristics, haircuts, and outfits. For maximum effect, you can even adjust their actions and facial expressions.

πŸ“Ή Video Translate

Remove linguistic obstacles with ease! With the help of HeyGen’s Video Translate function, you can automatically translate your videos into more than 40 languages and 300+ voicesΒ while keeping the tone and voice of the original speaker. It’s as if your video had an interpreter operating in real time!

πŸ—£οΈ Voice Cloning

Do you want to add something unique? HeyGen can mimic the voice of any speaker, even you, to add even more realism and interest to your videos. Imagine product presentations presented in the CEO’s recognizable voice, or historical characters telling their own experiences.

πŸ€– AI Voices

Not sure who would be the ideal narrator? Not to worry! With more than 300 excellent AI voices in its collection, HeyGen can produce a wide range of accents, tones, and moods. Choose the ideal voice to fit the tone and meaning of your video.

πŸ’ Personalized Video

HeyGen’s customisation features will allow you to give your audience a sense of being unique. One way to add a genuinely one-of-a-kind touch is to use dynamic text overlays that call out viewers by name, as well as to insert personalized greetings and outros.

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πŸ“„ Details Table

HeyGen info, in a nutshell
FounderJoshua Xu
Headquarters LocationLos Angeles, California
Popularity59.6k Monthly visitors
Main FeatureAI Avatar
Best ForStudents, Business owners, Content creators, etc.
Pricing$24 Per Month
SupportYes (Email)
API For DevelopersYes

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