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GitHub's AI coding assistant empowers every kind of developer with AI-powered code suggestions, collaborative features for teams, and tools to enhance code quality and security.
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Last Updated On January 19, 2024
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    GitHub’s AI coding assistant is an arm of GitHub that provides a suite of features for developers to enhance both their individual and collaborative workflows. This AI coding copilot can drastically reduce the time it takes to write quality code. The copilot chat allows you to supply your prompts for the kind of code you want to write and you can build on the results instead of starting from scratch.

    GitHub’s AI coding assistant also has powerful features for tracking down and wiping out flaws in your code and it’s collaborative features ensure that even enterprise-level teams can manage their code projects efficiently and securely.

    💡 Notable Features

    What sets GitHub AI Coding Assistant apart?

    🌏 Collaborative Coding

    GitHub’s AI coding assistant doesn’t stop at empowering you to write lines of code with ease; it provides an enabling environment to split the workload among team members. Through an interactive dev environment you can easily set up, you can contribute to teak projects, select who knows what changes, and stay abreast of any changes made

    ➰️ Automation and CI/CD

    CI/CD codes (pun intended) for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment. With GitHub’s automation features, more processes can run on autopilot, cutting down the need for more staff to oversee them. For example, actions can automate all of your software development workflows and APIs can be used to build integrations that can trigger certain actions when their conditions are met.

    🔒 Security

    With code, security is king. Any inconsistency in the code written can compromise the integrity of the final output. But GitHub has security measures in place that patch vulnerabilities before they take root and private repositories allow you to store code in a secure online vault no one else can access. 2FA, security keys, and TOTP apps are other layers of defence that GitHub employs.

    🈸️ Client Apps

    GitHub’s AI coding assistant is also available as a desktop app and a mobile app with support for the major operating systems, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. This allows you to take your work anywhere and finish it on the go. With GitHub CLI, you can work seamlessly between your GitHub locker and your code editor.

    👨‍💼 Project Management

    Code projects, especially those requiring a large team to execute often have many potentially overwhelming elements to them. GitHub’s project management tools help ensure that teams keep track of every stage of the process and have a clear idea of their progress. Projects give you a clear view of present tasks, labels help organize and prioritize work, and milestones log progress.

    ⚖️ Team Administration

    GitHub gives team leads all the administrative controls they need to keep their teams well organized. They can grant access to code repositories to team members and deny access to others. It’s easy to update permissions and ensure that everyone stays on their lanes. Other administrative features allow a group leader to assign groups of user accounts to a particular repository.

    ⭐ User Reviews

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    📄 Details Table

    GitHub AI Coding Assistant info, in a nutshell
    ReleaseOctober 2021
    HQ Location San Francisco, USA
    FounderGitHub, OpenAI
    Popularity30M+ Monthly visitors
    Main FeatureAI Coding
    Best ForDevelopers and enterprises
    Pricing$10 per month for individuals, $19 monthly for business plan, $39 monthly for enterprise plan,
    SupportCommunity forum, email, social media support channels
    API For DevelopersYes

    ❓ Frequently Asked Questions

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    🎁 Free Trial & Coupon

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    Forever Free Plan✅(2,000 CI/CD minutes/month)
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