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Imagine yourself as a musical prodigy? Using Fadr, you can unleash your inner DJ! Use the platform's fun AI features to remix existing songs, isolate individual instruments, and compose your own original music. Go ahead and dive in; try different things until you find your inner musician!
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Last Updated On February 9, 2024
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You can use artificial intelligence (AI) to create music on Fadr. Fadr allows you to do two things: either use it to make music from the ground up or upload songs to have them remixed by AI. Some of the other functions offered by Fadr include the ability to extract MIDI from a song, discover the music’s tempo, key, and chord progression, and separate the vocals and instruments from the song.

💡 Notable Features

What sets Fadr apart?

🎶 Separate Songs

You can divide a song into its component parts, or stems, including the bass, vocals, melody, and drums. You can utilize these stems to make mashups or remixes, or to separate the vocals or instruments for more editing. If you want to play around with the various parts of a song, this is a great tool for producers, DJs, and anyone else.

📀 Make Remixes

Would you like to have your music turned into mashups and remixes? With Fadr’s AI technology, you can create those. Remixes allow you to reimagine old songs by including loops, effects, and transitions. You can let your imagination run wild and enjoy making music in this way.

🎛️ Stems

With this function, you can browse Fadr’s stem library, which is stocked with a wide assortment of stems for your remixing pleasure. Another option is to add your own stems to the collection, which can then be shared or used for personal projects. Discovering new musical ideas and working with other artists in this way is fantastic.

🤖 SynthGPT

An ability to generate synthetic sounds from text commands is provided by this feature, which is a text-to-synth tool. For your remixes, you can utilize SynthGPT to generate melodies, basslines, and more. This is a fantastic method for enhancing your song with distinctive and captivating sounds.

🪕 Individual Remix Tracks

Using this function, you will be able to download the individual tracks that make up your remixes, allowing you to further modify them in your digital audio workstation. This is an excellent method for enhancing the sound of your remixes and ensuring that they are exactly as you want them to sound.

⭐ User Reviews

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📄 Details Table

Fadr info, in a nutshell
Headquarters LocationFairfax Station, VA
Popularity24k Monthly visitors
Main FeatureAI Music
Best ForStudents, Business owners, Content creators, etc.
Pricing$10 Per Month
SupportYes (Email)
API For DevelopersYes

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