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Reviews, features, alternatives & more is an AI essay writer preloaded with several templates that students and professionals can use to formulate and/or refine their essays and other write-ups.
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Last Updated On December 15, 2023
Feedback From Aleksandra falls in the class of AI-powered software that helps students and anyone in the academic field generate essays, research papers, reports, etc. The tool has many use cases. You can use it to draft a detailed essay on a research topic quickly. It also works for generating research papers complete with references and citations.

In short, you can rely on it to do the heavy lifting for you. Thanks to its built-in plagiarism checker, you don’t have to worry about being flagged for claiming someone else’s work as your own. has a bunch of templates that include a paraphrasing tool, text summarizer, thesis generator, and so on.

💡 Notable Features

What sets EduWriter AI apart?

📖 Text Summarizer

The summarising tool or template works on pre-written content to make it shorter and express the core ideas in as few words as possible. The tool uses advanced AI and ML (machine learning) technology to detect what your writing is all about. It then runs billions of trials within milliseconds to find the shortest way to express your ideas while preserving the main points.

📃 Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool works much like the text summariser but with extra emphasis on changing the wording and less focus on reducing the length. The template also relies on’s ML processes and training to find the suitable equivalent of the words in the original write-up. The rewording is often more detailed but preserves the original meaning and structure.

🔨 Thesis Generator

The thesis generator is another demonstration of’s prowess at work. It works like the text summariser and the paraphrasing template on overdrive. The thesis generator tool scans your paper and, in a few seconds, pulls out a very brief summary that captures the main argument and position of the article. This feature works with any research paper in any field, irrespective of the complexity of the write-up.

✍️ Human Writer’s creators realise that AI can only go so far as to mimic the qualities of human writing. That’s why the platform also has a service that allows you to outsource your writing to expert human writers if you want the best quality of writing free of AI hallucinations and tone rigidity. This service also allows you to request a plagiarism report, and along the line, you can communicate with the writer(s) and see how the job is going.

🔠 Topic Generator

The topic generator template uses the inbuilt AI capabilities present in to pick the right topic for your essays or research work. To use it, you simply have to fill in such prompts as your subject area, essay type, and your pre-written work. The AI then scans your content and connects the dots to determine what your content is most likely about.

🕵‍♂️ Plagiarism Checking

Any research work, human-written or AI-drafted, runs the risk of excessive resemblance to someone else’s work. Fortunately, comes with its very own plagiarism checker. You can upload the draft the platform composes into the plagiarism checker and verify its authenticity. And you can always use the plagiarism checker for content you created yourself to iron out any trace of duplication.

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📄 Details Table

EduWriter AI info, in a nutshell
Headquarters LocationAnguilla
Main FeatureEssay writing
Best ForStudents
PricingFree AI writing, $11.99 and premium plans availabe for advance features
SupportLive chat, email, & phone
API For DevelopersNo

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

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