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Covers AI uses voice generation and voice cloning technology to enhance your voice so you can create stunning song covers on the same level as professional singers.
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Last Updated On January 19, 2024
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✅ USE CASES is designed for music creation and sharing by anyone, even if their natural voice is not celebrity-grade or they are just everyday people singing their favorite songs. The Covers platform uses AI to help you create song covers without needing a studio. 

The AI will enhance your voice to make it more lyrical and add sound effects and beats similar to how music artists prepare their songs (the audio part) for launch. Using the Covers AI voice generation platform, you can create AI voice models that bring out the beauty of your natural voice. That means you can start composing classic song covers from the comfort of your home with the help of nothing but AI.

💡 Notable Features

What sets Covers AI apart?

🗣 Voice generation

Voice generation is one way to create a song cover with the Covers AI app. This feature uses AI to create a unique lyrical voice for your song. There are several ways to harness this feature. You could specify the musical properties of the voice, such as the tone, pitch, or nature of the voice (e.g., bass, tenor, et cetera). You could also edit the voice elements after it’s created.

🪄 Voice enhancer

Voice cloning is another way to leverage Covers AI. After uploading your voice, you click a button to tweak your voice to the AI-enhanced version with instruments and background music. You can save this voice clone and use it for your next productions. You can also manually tweak the AI voice clone to add filters, change the tone, or modify the pitch. As a side note, voice clone and voice generation work for any music genre.

🧩 Voice cloning templates

Covers AI allows you to make your voice covers sound like your favorite movie characters or real-life role models. You can even clone your voice. There is a wide variety to choose from here. On the Covers AI platform, there are several scores of voice templates that are organized into about six categories. You could make voice clones sound like anime characters, your favorite politicians, hero footballers, and so on.

🎶 Duets

So it turns out that Covers AI doesn’t only work for individual song composition. You can pair up with someone and have them feature in your song cover just like artists often feature in other musician’s productions. As you can expect, there is a lot to tinker with here. You can dictate who sings at what intervals and the music tunes accompanying the two parts.  This feature works for any style of any song cover, be it pop, opera, folk, or country, et cetera.

🔗 Linktree

Linktree is Covers AI fancy term for a link you can generate and paste on your social media channels. This link is the hub for all your Covers AI productions. It is the one place from where you share everything you create, curate, and sell from your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media profiles. Embed this link in your bio landing page and use the QR code it comes with to drive your offline traffic online.

⭐ User Reviews

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📄 Details Table

Covers AI info, in a nutshell
FounderAkiva Bamberger and others
Headquarters LocationGreater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US
Popularity170 Monthly visitors
Main FeatureAI song generation
Best ForSocial media music artists and aspiring ones
Pricing₹42 per month (billed ₹499 annually)
SupportFAQs, email
API For DevelopersNo

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

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