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Lacking any musical expertise? Don't be concerned! To create music of professional quality in over 250 different styles, all you have to do is hum your tune or speak your vibe over AIVA.
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Last Updated On December 30, 2023
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Using AIVA, the artificial intelligence that generates music, you are able to liberate your inner composer. Those days are long gone when a certain level of musical talent was required to create appealing melodies and lively rhythms. AIVA makes it possible for anyone, from seasoned musicians to complete beginners, to create music of professional quality in over 250 different styles.

πŸ’‘ Notable Features

What sets AIVA apart?

Generate Songs Using AI

AIVA is an Al music generatorΒ that can generate new songs in over 250 different genres in a couple of seconds. Use the power of generative Al to create your own songs, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional in music composition.


Construct your very own models of style. Feel free to upload a MIDl or audio influence. Modify the tracks that you have generated. You can download in any format you like. They will assist your workflow in whatever form it may take.

No Licensing

Want to make money off of music that was created with AIVA? You can acquire complete ownership of the copyright to your creations for all time if you subscribe to their Pro Plan.

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πŸ“„ Details Table

AIVA info, in a nutshell
FounderDenis Shtefan, Pierre Barreau, Vincent Barreau
Headquarters LocationLuxembourg
Main FeatureAI Music Generator
Best ForStudents, Business owners, Content creators, etc.
Pricing€11 Per Month
SupportYes (Email)
API For DevelopersYes

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

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