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TextWise is a company developing best-of-breed Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

AAINC Company 
Acquired Intelligence specializes in knowledge acquisition for knowledge-based (expert system) applications.

Advanced Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm Soft 
Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm Software for solving prediction, classification, forecasting, and optimization problems.

AND Corporation 
AND Corporation has developed and commercialized a technology referred to as Neuromorphic Systems. Neuromorphic systems present a radical breakthrough in machine intelligence.

Applied Analytic Systems :: Decision Technologies 
Consulting and software development firm specializing in operations research, statistical, and artificial intelligence applications. Based in the greater Pittsburgh area of Western Pennsylvania, Applied Analytic Systems provides decision technology consul

Bayesware Limited 
Bayesware develop Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining software based on Bayesian methods.

Cornice Research - wavelet, signal processing, and 
Cornice Research develops signal processing tools designed for financial traders.

Informavores is a business rules engine software provider. We specialise in supporting complex customer interactions, in service and sales, in call centres and over the web.

DreamKraft - Artificial Intelligence Evolution starts here 
The DreamAiCE technology provides a layered solution for modeling Cognitive behavior. Complex Interconnecting Neural Structures or CINS, learning processes, attention system, an interface to manage the dynamic attentive filter, learning processes and...

Haley Company 
Haley Systems empowers business professionals to capture, manage, and automate business logic without programming using business rule engines, business rules management systems for Java, .NET, XML

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