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AI & Music 
AI & Music is a french language blog talking about the latest news in the field of A.I. and also about music.

A Blog about Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 
A blog about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. Learn about major advances in machine learning, computer vision, robotics, preference elicitation, optimization and human-computer interaction (HCI).

Herself's AI 
I cover several specific areas of AI including algorithms, math needed, and source code. Occasionally I publish news and websites of interest to beginner AI scientists. { formerly we were TimesToCome AI }

Intelligent Machines 
This blog is dedicated to machine learning and artificial intelligence. It aims at providing information about up-to-date tools and methods of the domain to the casual user.

Jim Carnicelli's blog on artificial intelligence 
The blog of Jim Carnicelli, focussing on issues in artificial intelligence (AI) and its stepchild, artificial life.

Machine Learning (Theory) Blog 
A blog on the topic of machine learning

Machine Learning, etc 
The blog of Yaroslav Bulatov on machine learning.

Mark Watson's AI blog 
A blog with general discussion of AI covering theory, tools and practical applications. By Mark Watson.

Talking Robots - The Podcast on Robotics and AI 
Talking Robots is a podcast featuring interviews with high-profile professionals in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for an inside view on the science, technology, and business of intelligent robotics.

The Artficicial Intelligence 2.0 blog 
This blog by Sergiu Goschin is about general topics and news related to artificial intelligence.

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