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Bayes Server - Bayesian network software 
Advanced Bayesian network software, with time series support.

BAYESIA: Bayesian Networks and Data Mining Tools 
Home of theBMS Bayesia Market Simulator, BE (Bayesia Engines) and BGLE (Bayesia Graph Layout Engine) software programs.

Bayesian Network Repository 
The Bayesian Network Repository is a place to share domains, tasks specification and task evaluation.

Bayesian Network tools in Java (BNJ) - Kansas Stat 
An open source software for probabilistic representation, learning, reasoning in Bayes nets and other graphical models. Developped by the Kansas State KDD Lab.

J Cheng's Bayesian Belief Network Software 
Bayesian Network software programs for automatic learning of Bayesian belief network structures & parameters.

JavaBayes, a Java library for bayesian networks 
The JavaBayes system is a set of tools for the creation and manipulation of Bayesian networks. The system is composed of a graphical editor, a core inference engine and a set of parsers.

jBNC - Bayesian Network Classifier Toolbox 
jBNC is a Java toolkit for training, testing, and applying Bayesian Network Classifiers.

The Microsoft Bayesian Network Editor 
The Microsoft Bayesian Network Editor.

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