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Courseware : Artificial Intelligence 
Artificial Intelligence : Course lectures, hours 42, slides 562 in pdf format, by R C Chakraborty, Visiting Professor at JIET. Introduction to AI; Problem Solving; Search and Control Strategies; Knowledge Representation Issues, Predicate Logic, Rules;

Courseware : Soft Computing 
Soft Computing : Course lectures, hours 42, slides 398 in pdf format, slides by R C Chakraborty, Visiting Professor at JIET. Introduction to Soft Computing; Fundamentals of Neural Network; Back Propagation Network; Associative Memory; Adaptive Resonance

Free Online MIT Course Materials 
Free MIT video & audio Lectures, demonstrations, simulations and tutorials from MIT professors. 
The website offers lecture slides on three Computer Engineering courses , Invited talks on Tech & Science topics, Career opportunities, Current. This Website is for students, teachers, and many others.

VideoLectures - 500+ AI Lectures 
Free on-demand educational video lectures. More than 500 videos lectures on artificial intelligence.

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